Enjoy California Wine Country On A Bus Tour

Wine Tour

California is famous for the wines and wineries that surround the area and people come from all over to tour them. But touring them on your own not only can get expensive but very time consuming as you are just not able to tour them the same way as if you were on a bus tour that went to different wineries.


The difference when you try to do them on your own and with a tour group is that you have to call each winery ahead of time, you don’t get the price for a group because it will be so small causing the cost to rise, you have to pay for gas, and because you are on your own and have no schedule you will likely not get to see as much and it will probably take up the whole day for just one place as they can be massive.

Trying a Wine Tour

So instead of trying to do it all yourself, it is worth the investment to go on a wine bus tour. California wine country tours are fantastic and a great way to see the area as you get on the bus in the morning and are returned to your car at night. The tours are child-friendly but you will need to bring snacks and drinks for them plus they obviously will not be allowed to taste any of the wines during the tour.

Getting Tickets

The tickets for the tours can be found online and there are several different companies that do California wine country tours so you want to look at what each tour includes and pick out a few that match up with where you want to go and what you want to get out of the tour. After you have done that then the next thing that you need to do is to compare the prices and the things that come included with the tour as that can at times make it worth paying a little bit more if you are getting more of what you want. The tickets for the tours do not usually have a child price but children that are small are usually free. To ask about children on the tour all you have to do is call up the company where they can tell you if they have discounted prices for children that won’t be tasting any wine and what age is free for the tour.

Planning the Tour

After finding a tour or two that would be worth the money and give you what you want then it is time to schedule. Hopefully, you have thought about it ahead of time because all throughout the year the tours are very popular and can be hard to get the time slot that you want if you have not planned early. If you have planned early then it should be simple and you have a good chance of getting the date and time that you want. However, if it is last minute you may have to go with your second option at times as if it is a popular tour you may not be able to get the tour that you want to go on or the time slot that you need the tour to be in for your trip. But overall the tour is a great way to learn the history of the wineries in the area and to see not only how the wine is made but the small differences that are at each winery.